I really dislike being stuck for ideas about anything. It means I have no clue what the real problem is. Fortunately, this time, it was a different because I knew the problem: craving and humger. I was craving a specific flavour and I was also starving, hungry like I have never been. But, I knew I had the power to abate my hunger with whatever I’d create in my kitchen. I learned something interesting during this experienc. The body kind of undergoes a mind over matter struggle that takes place when you are experiencing severe craving and hungry at the same time.

The taste buds are busy sorting through the intense stimuli for a particular flavour while the mind is simultaneously contending with an empty stomach. If you’ve been there before then you know this condition can often cause a good cook to come up with the best menu ideas. The inspiration can be more spiritual than if you are just going through the motions. Instead, like the rythms present in a well choreographed orchestra, you cook with desire and passion that befits a musical concert. Dicing, pounding, grinding, searing, all taking place with delibrate actions by way of vital body parts and man-made cooking utensils/instruments. Alternatively, this state of mind can make cooking a very miserable experience because (I find) a craving and hunger are recipes (no pun intended) for over or under compensation for meals in the kitchen. Plus, it is 9:45pm; more like time for supper instead of dinner time.

Craving and hungry with no time to do something elaborate. This is how I felt yesterday. I was stuck for ideas on how to satisfy my intense desire for something African and Western and slandy. Getting out of this rut would take special passion because I was also very sluggish to ‘put on the pan’. I knew I didn’t want to buy take out or eat boccoccini, tomatoes and capers for dinner again today. So, I racked my brain for what to do and how to do it quickly. What would I do with the all the tomatoes, red bell pepper and onion that was sitting on my kitchen counter. My lethargy may have had something to do with the fact that I was listening to Sade. Her soothing and comforting tunes have a way of arresting even the most actively obsessive personality and lulling him or her to a state of pleasant idleness. Ahem! Don’t get me wrong I love Sade but I was not feeling her this moment. So, I changed the CD to Blu Cantrell. Anyway, while I was trying to determine what to make of my limited vegetable selection it occurred me that cooking must be like making music. I mean, seriously, most of you already know this but, putting together signs and symbols to create the notes which eventually develops chords are the basic steps of writing music. But, music isn’t appreciated unless or until it spiced up with rhythm and pitch or melody and harmony. Oh boy I hope I got that sequence right because I’m actually musically challenged. I don’t know the first ting about reading notes. But, I think my cooking skills are better than my music skills thank God because I was able to make a savoury sandwich using the left over vegetables and Moin Moin the night before. There, my fusion meal: a “sandwich” influenced by Nigerian Black-Eyed Bean patties.

There. A filling supper time inspired by my ferocious cravings where the West Meets Africa. I will provide the main ingredients in this sandwich another time. It is too nice outside to be writing :-) .